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I’ve lived in The United States since October 1987.
I’m a housewife, mother of 2,teacher/tech/network engineer, troubleshooter wannabe geek. I love my family and work, although I bitch and moan about both. I’m fiercely loyal to those I love, and will defend them with my all.
I have two sons, one born in February 1993, and the other in June 2003. Huge difference in age, but it’s worked out fabulously. Hubby is my soul mate and the love of my life.
I’ve found it hard to adjust to being a new mom again. I had to read the back of the diaper box to remind myself how to put the darn thing on. No, it’s not like riding a bike, you forget.

I was born in Ebbw Vale, South Wales in 1963. That’s South Wales in the UK not down under.
Like most girls, I’m a daddy’s girl. Growing up, my dad was my world. I on the other hand was his heartburn and headache.
I have one brother who’s just like any other brother… a pain in the ass most of the time, but we connect nonetheless.
I’m rather petite, a mere 5ft 2in, but I’ve never given up hope that one morning I’ll wake up and be an extra 2 inches taller. I still believe my height growing gene has just temporally stalled.
I was born with blond hair and blue eyes. I’m sure there are some gray hairs in there somewhere, but the blond is a great camouflage. My blue eyes are more of a murky gray recently as I walk around in a daze from lack of rest.
My temperament — hm, I’m a bit of a control freak (there right, I admit it) but that’s only because I’m always right, and it friggin irks me when people don’t do as I say. I’m also very loyal, and helpful but I find it hard to forgive someone who’s hurt me or a member of my family. I guess I’m a typical Scorpio, although my tantrums have diminished since having kids, I’m calmer. (no really, I am.)
I have a cat who annoys the hell out of me. I’ve realized to late, that although I love animals, I love them more when they live at someone Else’s house.
I love Classical music, heavy metal, blues, and I hate rap with a passion
I have two jobs where I teach computer technology. It’s stressful, by all rights I should be on some kind of calming drug, but I’m pleased to announce I am, have always been, and will continue to be drug free. (except cigarettes, I smoke) That said, I love the kids I teach, for every 10 that have me banging my head against a wall, that one who knows what a right click is, makes it all work while.
I studied Industrial measurement and control, Marine Electronics, and Electronic engineering at college. I’ve never worked in any of those fields, and this late in life I don’t foresee I ever will.
I’m not a cliquey person, I hate cliques. I hate people who agree with others just to be part of the clique. Most of the time I speak my mind, but age has taught to be a little kinda when disagreeing.I rarely check my site stats.
I’m an impatient person, with little tolerance for people who keep me waiting. If I have to wait more than 10 minutes for anyone, I leave. This includes doctors appointments. Just because you have a couple of letters after your name does not give you the right to keep me waiting. My time is precious, so you’d better have a damn good excuse if you keep me waiting.
When I was 16 a friend and I were busted for underage drinking. Thinking my dad was going to kill me we decided to run away from home. Being the really bright 16 yr olds that we were at the time, we realized to late we only had enough money to take us to the next town (2 mile away). Within an hour we were sitting in the park at the local school, freezing, no cigarettes, no money, no change of clothes, and watched the police cars and my boyfriend racing up and down the main road trying to locate us.
When we were finally caught my mom and dad were so happy to see me, they forgave my drinking and stupidity. My friend’s mom wasn’t so joyous. She got an ear bashing, was grounded for well over a month, and banned from ever hanging out with me again. (which was later rescinded, we were best friends after all)I love my mom and dad
When I left school at 16 I went straight to college to study engineering. I studied at a merchant marine college which had it’s own dormitories. There were 500 guys and 4 girls.
I only drink alcohol at partys, and since I don’t go to many parties, I rarely drink
I dislike people who need the constant re-assurance of others. Yes the dress looks great on you my opinion hasn’t changed from an hour ago when you last asked me the same question.
I don’t like selfish people. Those who insist on having it their way even when the alternative makes better sense
I don’t like Hummers. A vehicle that was built to drive over land mines, and small villages should not be painted banana yellow and allowed to drive on my street. If it isn’t in a war zone with a machine gun attached, it should be banned.
There is nothing in my life I would change. Taking another fork in the road might not bring me to where I am now, and I’m happy with what I have.
I am not a tree hugger, if it’s in the way I’ll chop it down.
Although toys which make a noise keep my little one happy, they do nothing for my sanity. Yes they are cute for the first 10 minutes, seeing him gurgle and coo and enjoy himself brings a smile to my face and oohs and awws frequently escape my lips. but rest assured if you buy one of these toys for him, I will make frequent visits to your house, child and toy in tow.
Regardless of how long I’ve been on this planet, I still find it difficult to come up with 100 things about my self
I really hate ringtones. A phone should ring, not play 3 choruses of some stupid song before it’s owner answers the call
Installing and downloading are two different things. You’re not allowed to talk to me unless you know this.
Since having my first son I have no stomach for heights. Where once I would think nothing of climbing on the roof to fix a clogged gutter I now think twice before standing on the top rung of a step ladder.
I have photos where I’m wearing tight multi-coloured spandex pants which will never see the light of day.
I love motorcycles. However my small frame prevented me from ever riding one safely.
Age defying makeup doesn’t seem to work for me. The wrinkles are still visible after each application
I’m not particularly fond of cooking. If I didn’t spend so much money on take-out, I’d be able to afford that BMW I’ve always wanted.
I don’t have a problem with my age. Did I mention anywhere above I was over 40? 🙂
2006 was the worst year of my life. Archives will bring you up to scratch, but the major turning point was the death of my mom. Life sucks, but you have to struggle on…