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Sarcasm with a twist of nice – don't get too comfortable

Lynne ydw i - Sarcasm with a twist of nice – don't get too comfortable

Who Knew?

Hubby – Psycho Janet Leigh died
Me – huh?
hubby – Janet Leigh died
Me – I guess I’m supposed to know who she is judging by that look?
Hubby – Don’t you know anything?
Me – Apparently not (then the light bulb lights) – Oh right, I was reading Wendy’s blog, it’s the chick who got stabbed in the shower right?
Hubby – Yes, she was married to Tony Curtis once, I guess you didn’t watch Houdini
Me – No, I didn’t know and no I don’t recall that movie
Hubby – She was Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother
Me – WOW! I had no idea, really you’re on a roll, thats 3 new things I’ve learned today.

Hubby rolls his eyes, and walks off in disgust at my movie ignorance.

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Who Knew?

Hunksville :) RuPaul without the extras.

First found browsing over at Sharon’s Blog

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Who knew?

Apparently it is Pet Peeve week, (Oct 8-12). I found this little tit- bit while browsing here.

The blog entry above asks readers to name their blog pet peeves. All rather humorous, and written in fun I’m sure, but I found my blog pet peeve was reading that people actually had blog pet peeves.

I’m not just focusing on the entry and the comments I posted from the above link either, those were pretty tame compared to some rants I’ve encountered.

Now my idea of a blog pet peeve would be getting irritated when I couldn’t get the colours right, or the comments with a border, or a photo to sit just where I wanted it to, but being peeved because a blog wasn’t interesting, or because someone posted anon, just doesn’t do it for me.

If someone wants to give a blow by blow of their day, who cares, if I find it boring I just don’t visit a second time. If someone doesn’t want to post their e-mail addy, I’m not going to complain, why do I need it anyway, chances are I’m never going to use it.

No Kasia, this isn’t a rant it’s an observation. :) However below is my pet peeve for today.

Having “ispell” tell me “colours” is spelled incorrectly BAH!

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