Ask, look and find

Well it looks like this might solve the problem. I can republish my MT archives and have them all redirect to the corresponding entries into WordPress. Let’s just hope the redirect I’ve implemented doesn’t phaff it up.

Must go read the instructions.

Oh Lord, I’ve been reading this seemed like a good idea at the time. Bit of a learning curve huh? My plan was to first close off comments after so many days, then I was going to start redirecting the archives, then I got waylaid with the way archives were being displayed, and in the end I got nothing done.

Makes me wonder why I changed to WP when I liked the way things were in MT doesn’t it? I’ll do it all eventually, MT confused the hell out of me when I first started. One step at a time Lynne, one step at a time. Hm, now who do I know who’s really good at this php stuff?