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Sarcasm with a twist of nice – don't get too comfortable

Lynne ydw i - Sarcasm with a twist of nice – don't get too comfortable

Cancel Friendster

Via Jeremy

said by troutgirl

Friendster, of course, is a company that is all about getting people to reveal information about themselves…

…has fired someone for revealing something about themselves. Ironic isn’t it? Maybe I’ll sleep on this tonight and perhaps when I wake up it will make more sense – or not.

Lowe’s no more

To the cashier on #16 otherwise known as customer service talking on the phone at Lowes here on Staten Island:

If you don’t want to be bothered taking care of customers at you cash register turn off the damn light, hense letting the customers know you are unavailable. Don’t you dare keep me waiting almost 5 minutes then give me a crappy ass attitude when I ask you how much longer you’re going to keep me waiting. Don’t point to the customer service sign and roll your eyes at me or I’m liable to reach over and slap you silly. You were taking customers 5 minutes before I got there until your phone rang. In case you didn’t notice Miss Customer Service there was only one other cashier open, with 9 people waiting. For such a huge store that’s outrageous.

From now on I’ll go where I’m used to, the Home depot located 2 blocks away.

PC Basic Terminology

Computer Programs:
Numerous categories here, Games, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Photo editing Word processors, to name but a few.

Now, there is a difference between downloading, uploading and installing. Really there is.

Uploading and downloading is the process of moving files from one computer to another locally (meaning from another pc on your network – meaning another pc that’s connected directly to your pc in your house or office) or through the Internet. If you send me a file or program or photo etc you are uploading (sending it and away from your pc). When you get a file or program or photo etc you are downloading. You are bringing the file to your pc – get it?- you’re downloading, bringing it down to your pc from another pc. A file that was once on another pc is now downloading to your pc.

Installing is different. When you download a file, you are merely bringing it down to your pc, now you have to install it. Think of installing a window (not to be confused with the Microsoft kind). First you have to bring (download) it to you house, then you have to put it in the wall (install it ).

Installing only applies to programs, you don’t have to install a photo. A photo doesn’t need to be installed, don’t ask why just accept it, it’s not a program it’s just a photo. Write it on a post- it note, and stick it to your monitor. Uh, that’s the thing in front of you that looks like a tv screen – no, the thing underneath is the actual pc – the thing that contains all the workings. Never mind stick it on the desk in front of you where it’s clearly visible at all times and revert back to it as often as possible.

Inspired by a very long and frustrating phone call last night. There are some who regardless of how long they have owned a pc will always be pc illiterate.

Central Air

I don’t like it. It’s only been 4 days since it was installed and quite honestly I prefer that ugly loud AC stuck in my bedroom window.

Two reason really:

We all like to sleep huddled under the quilt in sub zero temperatures. It’s what I’m used to in the summer. However we can’t sleep in sub zero temperatures because with central air the baby’s room is now cold. The babe isn’t like us he doesn’t know how to pull the blanket over his shoulders when he’s cold he only knows how to kick them off – which usually happens 10 minutes after I’ve left the room.

When one closes the vents they aren’t really closed, not all the way, cold air still permeates his room. Since I’ve taken up worrying he’s going to freeze to death, the CA is set at 73 degrees which simply isn’t cold enough for the rest of us to sleep through the night comfortably.

Secondly, I’ve realized it’s not only the cold temperatures which help me sleep but the loud rumblings of the window ac fighting off the warm air from outside. It’s the noise I miss. Who the hell can sleep in total silence – it’s deafening?

So there you have it. Something I’ve always wanted has turned into an annoyance, at least until the babe is old enough and smart enough not to kick the covers off when it’s cold.

edit – duh! I suppose I could always close his door and open a window.

Meddling Morons

For those of you who missed the cool Corvette ad Here it is . Via an anon poster over at Sharon’s site.

I had to strap my son to the chair once he’d seen the ad, he wanted to run out steal a car and jump over the Brooklyn bridge.

NOT! Like most kids he can distinguish between reality and a friggin ad. I wish these meddling morons would leave well alone.

via Boston Globe

Judith Stone, president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, welcomed GM’s decision. “We’re delighted that they did the right thing,” she said.

Judith, if I hadn’t already given away the asshat, it would be yours.

Cheer up

Quick, go spread some cheer to Tink. Kitten puked on the bed, storm knocked out power, not to mention the broadband connection and she’s got a thick lip.

With this not smoking thing, no broadband would send me over the edge, although I’ve come to realize it’s not so much the stress that has me reaching for the cigs, but boredom.

Babies are weird

The slightest creak of the stairs will wake him up. The voices of family quietly chatting in the living room will keep him awake. My son playing ball in the back yard will have him yelling his name.

However, the drilling of a 2 foot square hole right outside his bedroom door, the noise of 4 men in the attic installing the ducts for the new heating system doesn’t bring so much as a yawn out of him. He’s been sleeping for two hours in amongst all this noise. I’m amazed at how deep he sleeps when he’s tired.