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Sarcasm with a twist of nice – don't get too comfortable

Lynne ydw i - Sarcasm with a twist of nice – don't get too comfortable

9 Years

You’re 9 years old today – Remember? NO of course you wouldn’t lol – but I do. Now look at you.







I thought Matthew was full of energy, but you have kept me on my toes and on the move since that first day. I go to bed at 9 now so I’m sure I have enough energy to keep up with you every day.

I love you, you are one of the reasons I smile very day. Happy Birthday!

Facebook changes again

Very sneaky of FaceBook to change my default email to one they created for me and make it visible to everyone on my friend’s list. WTF! why give us privacy settings at all if you change them on a whim every time you add some new friggin feature you haven’t told us about. Oh, wait, you did tell us about it, but in the style of ‘btw’ on a blog, very few read.

So fed up of their underhanded tactics. See the thing is, eventually everyone finds out about the stupid changes because we all have at least one vigilant, smart person on our friend’s list who pays attention to this shit. And when we do find out we’re pissed we didn’t get a personal phone call explaining these changes.
Ok, so phone call is a bit OTT, but really, put it in the frickin news feed! we all read the bloody news feed. When you add something that WILL make some changes to how we have stuff set up in account settings, LET ME KNOW!

Gah! It’s broken

Nothing more annoying than picking a new theme, customizing the theme by changing colors, making logos etc. then having it break and spit out code on the front page when 2 days later, wordpress is updated.

Ruckety, ruck, ruck!

Back to the old for now I guess.

Into the city

I took Conor into the city on Sunday to see the 911 Memorial. It was a long walk up to the memorial, it felt even longer to get to the entrance, and by the time we found ourselves facing the huge holes, we needed to sit and rest. Walking and exhaustion aside, the site really is magnificent and well worth the trip.

Thankfully I checked out the site before we left and found I had to request visitors passes and state what day and time we’d be showing up. Apparently you can’t just show up.

The security we encountered on site is second only to that in airports, and I was disappointed to learn it will always be that way. The site itself will attract more tourists then those of us who live here. City residents will only visit once because of all the security and thus long lines. I thought the memorial would be an open park for people to stroll through, have lunch; a silent place in the city for it’s residents to sit and contemplate or relax and remember. Who wants to go through metal detectors, have handbags screened, and get herded like cattle through past hordes of security guards gawking.

Ground Zero

Close comments don’t hide them

So I’ve noticed I’m missing comments. Well not exaclty missing them, they’re all there but just not showing up.

It seems this theme not only closes comments after a certain amount of time (which is a good thing) but once it closes comments, it hides comments already made. WHY?

Some of the most interesting statements made on the pages of this blog were in the comments.

Requires more investigation I think.

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